June 2015 Newsletter


In the last month, Teal has been constructing, competing, opening, graduating, and more making May through June some of our busiest months.  Bruce Johnson, Superintendent, celebrated his 10 year anniversary this month.  He is a super star superintendent that has worked on both private and public projects throughout his time with Teal.

All Spring we have been preparing and organizing for the AIA Sandcastle with H4 Architects.  We were very excited to see our design, hard work, and team come together on May 30th.  The True Avengers Age of Construction were out in full force with Teal Employees, family  & friends, and the team at H4 Architects & Engineers.  This was an amazing experience for all.

Michael Losoya, our Director of Special Projects, graduated from the ABC Leadership Forum which was a five month program that teaches participants how to succeed as a future manager, CEO, or business leader.  The program puts all members together, which facilitates conversation between industries, trades, and a variety of employment positions. Michael says, “One of the best things that I learned, was understanding different co-workers personalities and being able to work successfully with them.  To stop learning is to stop growing.”  We congratulate Michael on this accomplishment.

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