Teal Construction Company is proud of the projects we construct, and the strong relationships we build with our customers. The diversity of our projects reflect the diversity of our talent. Each project represents a great partnership. We start each of our projects with a high level of enthusiasm and only hope that it generates throughout the team. Encouraging excitement from the beginning will extend through our team to all stake holders, community, subcontractor and all others involved with our projects. Enthusiasm is a result of a high energy team working to achieve a goal to construct the client’s vision.

Auto Dealerships

Teal has successfully constructed over 400 projects for every brand of auto dealers. We have been on the ground floor on many of the new prototypes working with dealers and design teams to provide design build and construction management services.


Community | Cultural

Encouraging community worth and valuing our neighbors is why Teal is devoted in constructing Community and Cultural buildings. These facilities capture the essence of pride by encouraging comradery, learning, and improvement in the community’s surrounding.


Our Education division builds all forms of public and private educational facilities ranging from K-12 to higher education. Whether a new building or a renovation, Teal provides purposeful spaces for our leaders of tomorrow that promote and inspire learning.

Healthcare | Laboratory

With the ever evolving Healthcare market, Teal collaborates with top healthcare designers to educate ourselves in the newest technologies, improvements, and best practices to manage our client’s needs.

Industrial | Manufacturing

From a multi building industrial park to a single pre-manufactured metal building (PEMB), Teal works with our industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse clients to accommodate their facility needs. We are a division leader in PEMB and act as representatives for both American Buildings and Butler.


Teal Construction Company has completed several municipal projects and has the understanding of how a high profile project should be managed and delivered. We recognize that all projects should be managed with a delicate hand, but in public projects a level of sensitivity must be done due to public safety and interest.


Wellness and Recreation are everyday activities that build our lives. These projects are fun and provide our communities with extracurricular centers to promote families and recreation.

Retail | Office

New construction, additions, and conversions all substantiate our client’s business productivity. Teal builds a multitude of mixed use and retail projects including retail centers, big-box stores, corporate headquarters, restaurants, and office buildings.