CANstruction 2015 – We CAN make a difference!

Teal Construction teamed up with Dawson Van Orden Engineering to compete in the CANstruction Houston 2015 competition.  We spent many weeks designing and preparing for the event.  Our structure was built on Sunday, November 1st at the Houston Food Bank which is one week early from the main competition at City Centre.  Throughout the last few weeks we performed test builds of the structure to ensure the stability and work out any kinks before the build day.  Though a rainy and weather weekend, our team was able to get all 9,000+ cans to the food bank and unload without too much rain issues.  We started our build at around 10am and were completed by 5pm. The structure will be up for the next two weeks, go check it out and bring a CAN for support!

The CANstruction organization slogan is “One CAN make a difference.” Building off of their slogan, we designed one large CAN with the Houston Food Bank Logo and connecting it back to the Houston with a Houston Metro Bus pulling the CAN to the Houston Food Bank.   Houston Metro Bus has implemented a new route system this fall as well as opening new rail lines.  As a team we thought highlighting the CANstruction slogan and using public transportation promotes both the organization and our city.

We want to thank our company’s many volunteers as well as the CANstruction Houston team and the Houston Food Bank for helping out during our preparations and on build day.  Without all the support from our team we wouldn’t be able to present such a beautiful structure.  To see how you can help the Houston Food Bank, click on the link to their website Houston Food Bank.

See the videos below of the build day and a photo gallery throughout the preparations for the event.