Best of the Best Awards 2015

In 2015 Teal started a new tradition honoring one superintendent and one employee from each office as the Best of the Best.  The votes were compiled from their peers and had a management stamp of approval.  We have so many talented employees which made it hard to narrow it down to two per office, but with the feedback each nominee received, it brought encouragement and enthusiasm to the process.  We are excited to announce the Best of the Best 2015 below

Our Houston Winners

Superintendent of the Year – Mike Pettus

Mike Pettus came to Teal four years ago as a Superintendent. He has worked on both public and private, ground up and renovation. Mike is currently working on the Houston Community College Acres Homes Academic Center. Mike is a proactive Superintendent that sees the big picture which allows him to point out obstacles before they occur to keep projects on track.

“Mike Pettus emulates what a Superintendent and employee should be. He never let’s an obstacle hold him back instead finds solutions to them before they occur. His vast experience in construction and precise attitude on getting the job done makes Mike invaluable to our company’s growth.”

“Mike Pettus’ preconstruction review of every project I’ve been on with him has been second to none. His attention to detail and constructability reviews not only help the design team but also assure the project won’t be held up by unforeseen issues in the plans and specifications.”

Completed Projects – Finnegan Buick GMC, Frost Bank – Woodlands, North Administration Building, BARC Adoption Center


Employee of the Year – Pat Garrett

For the past 18 years, Pat Garrett has grown with the company starting as a Superintendent and currently a Project Director. Though he has successfully completed multiple projects in all of our markets, Pat runs our Frost Bank projects. This past year Pat and his team completed two ground up Frost Banks as well as multiple misc. renovation projects.  At the end of 2015, Pat and his team started two new ground up facilities. His Frost Bank – Rice Village Financial Center won a Excellence in Construction Merit Award.

“Pat Garrett has complete dedication to the growth of Teal. He is typically turning the lights on as the first one to the office and never minds putting in the extra hours to help a fellow employee or get a project completed.”

“I can honestly say that I enjoy working with the Teal Team. Pat Garrett and Jim Shaw, along with the other superintendents, have become true partners and a valuable part of our construction team.” – Stan Richard, Frost Bank

Completed Projects – Lithia Honda, Corpus Christi Art Center, Hacienda Ford, South Park Lincoln Mercury

Our Corpus Christi Winners

Superintendent of the Year – Gary Ferri

Gary Ferri has been with the company for 4 years and is currently completing Sinton Middle School for Sinton ISD. He has overcome many obstacles with this project mainly weather delays due to the heavy rains last fall.

“His job title of Superintendent doesn’t even come close to describing the impact Gary has on a typical day. He’s more like a superintendent/equipment operator/concrete finisher/carpenter with the list continuing with each challenge he successfully completes. He is a remarkable employee who does not hesitate to go above and beyond what is expected of him. He keeps us on track, never complains, and delivers value in everything that he does.”

“Gary and I worked together on my first project with Teal and he taught me so much. He is a true craftsman. Seeing him work with his hands and see the things that he can build is truly amazing. He has so much experience on a range of projects and has some great stories. Gary is an all around great man and Superintendent.”

Completed Projects – Doggett Heavy Machinery, Alice ISD Dubose Intermediate School, French Ellison Renovations Corpus

Employee of the Year – Morelva Gonzalez

In 2009, Teal Construction was lucky enough to score Morelva Gonzalez as a new employee in our Corpus Christi office. Morelva’s job title is Project Coordinator, but really she is running an office and keeping everyone in Corpus on their toes. Morelva goes above and beyond to help all of her employees to get the job done. She is always willing to lend a helping hand no matter what office needs it.

Morelva coordinates all of the projects in Corpus Christi which involves a lot of organization with her project management team. She has an amazing rapport with the subcontractors which in turn builds Teal’s relationship with them. She also plans meetings for the team, events for the subcontractors, and makes sure that anyone that comes into the office feels welcome.

Her management team says that nothing would be done without Morelva’s support and diligence to overcome and successfully complete any challenge. She is an over-achiever and exactly what we need at Teal Construction!